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Confidence vs Arrogance

To be arrogant you have to be confident but to be confident you don’t have to be arrogant.

Pride is a major component between the two. If it is puffed-up self-love as in thinking one is too good for such people or events, then it will be in the arrogant arena. If it is a more subtle self-acceptance then it is more of a simple confidence. 

Exaggeration is also a facet of arrogance, where someone makes up grandiose stories of their accomplishments. 

Comparison is yet another phase of arrogance, where someone may find themselves keeping tabs on other people’s achievements. 

The only one we should be competing with is oneself, in order to become better as time passes and learning from mistakes. 

The opposite of pride is humility and this is the principle most necessary for gentle confidence. 

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